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sinks - born into this only to get through this (2023) 12"


sinks - born into this only to get through this 12"

records are officially out on 14. 11. 2023

50 black copies with lathe cut 7" record including a bonus song, which will be available only analog, no digital. Once gone there will be no recuts of this bonus song. ONLY ONE COPY PER PERSON, ORDERS INCLUDING MORE COPIES WILL BE CANCELLED.
100 highlighter yellow copies.
100 black copies will be available only at the sinks shows, no online sales.

Two years after the release of their eponymous debut album, the Brno (CZ) based noise-rock trio sinks returns with a sophomore album titled born into this only to get through this. On this release, the singer/guitarist Antonín, bassist Vendula and drummer Peter further explore the darkened corners within the rotting structures of a system that likes to insert its claws into daily life’s every crevice. The trio sees the release of the record as an act of resistance against a setting that glorifies self-destruction through pointless, productivity-centred labour, disapproves of rest as well as self-care and steals both creativity and the time and space for it. The songs were created over the course of three years during the rare moments where it wasn’t mandatory to keep up with the unstoppable perpetual motion of city life. The process of the album’s creation itself was less hectic, taking place over the course of five days. This allowed the band to indulge in a more creative approach to the arranging process and the record’s sound. The album presents the trio unafraid to loosen the tempo and to deeper explore work with percussions and vocal harmonies. The intensity of the listening experience, however, increases despite the listed changes in approach.

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