ivy z - 23 (2024) 7" preorder


ivy z – 23 clear record 7"

shipping in May/June
do not forget to add Your phone number so we can ship the records via reliable company and not the Czech post

FULL EP: https://ivyzbo.bandcamp.com/album/23

2023 was a year of highs and lows. it felt like an uphill battle filled with divorces, breakups, and new challenges not only for me and my closest ones but also for a lot of my friends.

to close out the year, here i am, with some new tunes. writing music is still the best therapy and these songs kinda helped me navigate through the tough times. they're about all of you who ended long-term relationships and the struggles that came afterward.
like it or hate it, both are fine.

(also i've always loved the transition from winter to spring so you may enjoy the music under the spring night sky)

thanks for your support, it means a lot.

love <3


A1 – 23
A2 – the worst memories
B1 – ruins
B2 – flower dress