Kurws - Powi​ę​ź / Fascia (2022) 12"/MC

10.00 - 16.50

Kurws - Powięź / Fascia


Since we are really bad in reviewing, lets have a look what Karol Paczkowski has written about the latest album by this three piece formation: "In times when we are united by much, but still divided by more, music can get flayed for being reactionary, opportunistic or undeclared. Meanwhile, the Kurws, on their fourth album, put things clearly, namely head-on. “Powięź / Fascia” is an album founded as much by the culture of anxiety as by their personal dreads. The affirmation and the fear of ambiguity are two heads of the same desire – and two driving forces behind these collected exercises in not giving up."

And now for something completely different. 200 copies on white tapes, thanks a ton Headless Duplicated Tapes. On body prints, big j-card and great music by Kurws.

Dawid Bargenda - drums
Hubert Kostkiewicz - guitar, waterphone, bells, chimes
Jakub Majchrzak - bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered all on tape [AAD] by Piotr Zabrodzki at Pasterka Studio in Warsaw, May 2021. Overdubs recorded in June 2021. Produced by Piotr Zabrodzki and the Kurws. Artwork by Marcin Siehankiewicz.