Massola, Kazehito Seki, Säkkikangas / ノ​ー​バ​デ​ィ​ー - 12" (2023)


Massola, Kazehito Seki, Säkkikangas / ノーバディー - s/t 12"

Well, finally after all the eons of postponing this title it is finally out. Massola, our beloved grinding jazz duo invited Martin Režný to add some fresh BZZZ GZZZ sounds and our favourite Kazehito Seki from Japan add a splash of his SNORT GULP voice mastery. Then the whole recording session got remixed by Pilsen based arborist NBDY, who took care of the whole side B of the record.

Side A.) was recorded and mixed at Studio Mroš by Mroš / 2019 - 2021
Side B.) was recorded live at Evelina Kaczinsky Cabin / 2021
Mastered by Šaman / 2021

Song Titles: Ondrey Zintaer
Art: Petr Válek

Fractal Fragments:

Áda....Contra-alto Clarinet
Kazehito Seki....Vocals
Säkkikangas....Wing Pinger, Electronics
ノーバディー....Tape Loop Manipulations, Electronis & Cuts