Petr Válek - Orange Album (2022) 12"/12" + 6" limited edition

18.50 - 28.00

Petr Válek - Orange Album


So, after a year since his Pink Album was released we are back with a couple of more songs.

"All of them are improvised. I just found the sound in the bank that I like and I already heard the song in my head."
Petr bought Korg Kross synth and started recording.
"I wanted to record at least thousand of them. But one day I sat behind the synth and all the ideas were gone. So I gave up."

180g transparent orange vinyl, limited edition with bonus 6". We did the cutting, there are 6 more songs, which are kinda rougher that the whole album. Limited to 40 copies. Only one copy per person.

So, enjoy and "DANCE YOU TOO".