Neue Welt - V nebi je zle (2023) 12"/MC

10.00 - 28.00


After the last year's single Johanna and Kudzu EP, Neue Welt is here with their full lenght debut album. You can expect truly interesting mix of styles on this album with a wide variety of musical instruments. Underground music interrupted by blast beats or metal sounding parts? Anything is possible!

30 copies on lathe cut records as the deadline was so crucial, also tape version with a bonus mastered song from their Aww man radio session.

All songs written and performed by Neue Welt.
Recorded at Tropical Cell studios.
Mixed by Lukáš Polách.
Mastered by Nichi Mlebom.
Cover art by Laura Karmazínová.
6000 Ωveček logos by Tara Šelírová & Arnošt Šťáva.