Oswaldovi - Across the Borders We Build (2023) MC


Oswaldovi - Across the Borders We Build 12" / MC

Oswaldovi are back with their highly anticipated fourth record. This latest offering marks the band's first collaboration with their new bass player Adam Šťasta (Or, Dimitar, Tábor), and with the Korobushka Records.
Consistently pushing the boundaries of musical genres is Oswaldovi’s trademark, and the new release provides further evidence. Led by Italian song-writer Andrea Rottin (Orient, Neuvěřitelno), the band continues their exploration of various cultural contexts of psychedelia, rock, blues, folklore, and western, but also delve into uncharted territories, adding to a musical experience that continues to transcend conventional categorizations.

Kateřina Malá, percussionist, says time made a difference with the sound of this release. “The record is definitely different in that we finished it in the thick of covid, and since everything was at a standstill, we probably devoted an inordinate amount of time thinking about it.” She also acknowledges the power that came with adding a bass guitar to the line-up.

This was provided by Adam Šťasta, known mostly for his role in the newly defunct noise rock legends Or (Silver Rocket Records), the minimalist, fragile Dimitar, and drone-folk band Tábor (along with Malá) adding an unmissable element to their already dynamic sound. Šťasta's bass lines serve as a driving force, locking in with the band's groove and providing a solid foundation for their intricate arrangements. “I perceive my role as a sort of anchor that allows a more uniform shape of the songs, and a bedrock on which Andrea's peculiar guitar and vocal attacks can then develop.”

The new record by Oswaldovi is a testament to their ability to seamlessly blend disparate genres, creating a musical tapestry that is as captivating as it is innovative. Each track on the album is an adventure in its own right, showcasing their ability to transport listeners to different worlds. Oswaldovi's trademark fusion of influences provokes listeners with an otherworldly energy, transporting them to the outer reaches of their imagination. The haunting melodies and infectious rhythms evoke a sense of mystery and mysticism, while folklore elements add a touch of nostalgia and cultural richness.

Across the Borders We Build is set to solidify Oswaldovi’s position as one of the most consistent and boundary-pushing bands around. Brace yourselves for another musical journey like no other, as their genre-bending mysticism continues to captivate.

(Written by Todd Nesbitt)

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