Siksa - Szmery w sercu (2023) MC


SIKSA - Szmery w sercu


„Szmery w sercu / Murmur of the Heart” was 6th season of SIKSA’s life. It was performed live 37 times in Poland, Germany, Slovakia and France since 23. 08 .2019 till 03. 10. 2020.
Tape version of the latest album by Siksa is out. CD & vinyl record version is available via Antena Krzyku. The ambient sound of the guitar has been replaced by synth and gives the recording unique feeling this time.

Recorded in Berlin / october 2020
Rec/Mix/Prod: Konstanty Usenko / N0 TENG0 PATRiA
Mastering: Mustache Ministry Studio
Antena Krzyku 2022
Korobushka records 2023
Cover Art: Ola Szmida & Pola Projektowe
English translation: Agata Pyzik